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FiveM update - March 15th, 2018

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@hafnium wrote:

It’s been a while since the last changelog, here we’re summarizing changes only since the last production build. For further details, you can always check the GitHub repository.


  • Various changes in rage:formats tooling (fivem formats:convert) to support the upcoming LC conversion which is definitely coming someday.
  • Updated CEF to M65 using the cef-mixer patch set instead of the old custom ANGLE hack. This breaks things. Maybe. It also fixes some things, so in the end karma applies.
  • :pear: instead of :fire:, pears are delicious delicacies! Combining them may work as well, but that’s out of scope for this update.
  • Fix part of NUI drag/drop for HTML ondrag* events. What a drag.
  • Fix STAT_SET_INT money values often being incorrect. (R* bug!) Sorry to anyone who considered themselves rich by having trillions of dollars.
  • Fix initialization order for NUI in resources. Now NUI events shouldn’t trigger before a resource script starts listening anymore.
  • Port GTA V to build 1290. This means servers now have access to the content in Snuggler’s Fun Smuggler’s Run and Domesday Hiest Doomsday Heist updates. It also means crash hashes all changed - don’t be surprised when you see new crash names. Yes, that means there’s flying cars.
  • Add a language option to Settings -> Display in the GTA V pause menu. This was disabled by R* for some reason, but it seems to work fine. Try to avoid setting it to a language you don’t speak, we actually got lost in the Chinese version for a while…
  • Rework network ID handling. You won’t have to take care of the script handler like they were some needy pet anymore, instead it works like it did in GTA IV.
  • Hopefully allow more procedural objects in network games. R* disabled these, probably for budget stuff. Please refrain from making roads with plants, we actually did that already.

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