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FiveM update - April 18th, 2018

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@lawrencium wrote:

Another update has been pushed to production. Everyone, time to be sad!

Changelog, cherry-picked

  • e772f7e: Display overlay content at present, not at an early stage. This should resolve some flickering issues with regards to graphics overlays.
  • 55eccf1: update CEF to M66 again.
  • b49b9ff: NUI: disable keyed mutexes. This fixes in-NUI flickering.
  • dce696b: some fixes for broken crash fixes. Reduces crashing!
  • 0cc8ab9: New deferral system with more reliability and allowing multiple resources at once. This should activate automatically if using a newer server version, though it’s recommended to hold off on updating until nng patches are tested.
  • 20ed388: Server banners in the detail page and connecting window. This requires a server with sets command support (495 or higher) and setting sets banner_connecting "" and/or sets banner_detail "" on the server.
  • 03670c6: Update CEF again and force D3D11 in ANGLE. This basically fixes daktronics/cef-mixer#10 for cases that used to work before.

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