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FiveM update - May 26th, 2018

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@silicon wrote:

Another update to FiveM has been released to the production channel. This brings a pre-release of the Mumble voice feature, and support for the FiveM Element Club.

FiveM Element Club

Are you a server owner, and do you love the sight of the :money_with_wings: emoji - that is, spending money and supporting your favorite project, in case that is FiveM? If so, you can get some cool features with one of the Element Club subscriptions on the FiveM Patreon.

As a regular server owner, don’t worry - all actual features will be available for all users after the early supporters tested them and ironed out the kinks!

The first feature to be tested is…


A new in-game VoIP implementation based on an embedded Mumble client/server. This will work seamlessly without requiring clients nor servers to download a separate copy of Mumble, and provides for increased reliability for voice chat (hopefully, no more “i can’t talk” or “i can’t hear anyone”), proper positional audio, improved voice proximity usage, and future integration with existing Mumble servers.

This is enabled by default on the latest client/server versions if using an Element Club subscription, and most existing voice natives that are in use should be wrapped to Mumble calls. For tech nerds, you can try connecting using a Mumble client to the host/port of your FiveM server to debug or just look cool. Yes, this will be able to be restricted in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Summarized changelog

  • Element club support!
  • Allow multiple server versions to run at once on Windows without conflicting.
  • Mumble voice prerelease stuff, as above.
  • Minor bug fixes (fixing e.g. timezone issues and kick message encoding).

Additional information regarding the patreon ‘element club’ bonuses.

If you decide to :dollar: get yourself an element club patreon reward, you may wonder: well, how do I get my rewards? My server still looks ‘normal’ in the serverlist? HELP?

Well, don’t worry. First of all, make sure your email address on your patreon account, is the same email address used by your forum account. These email addresses need to be the same to properly sync your patreon rewards across all FiveM related systems.

If you’ve just recently selected your reward for your pledge, you may need to wait up to 6 hours before anything changes. A good place to check back regularly is keymaster.fivem.net. Log in using your forum account, and if you see something like this:

then make sure to restart all your servers (and while you have them turned off, it probably doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re using a recent version to make sure any special features specific to element club supporters will have the latest bug fixes and features added).

After updating and restarting your servers, you should receive all rewards for your server. If not, then you may need to wait a little longer and double check your email addresses again to make sure they really match.

If, after a day or so you still haven’t received anything and you’re sure you’re using the correct email addresses, create a #technical-support topic and explain what exactly what you’re missing at that point.

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