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This week in FiveM: September 27th, 2018

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@bromine wrote:

Another Thursday post of the weekly status updates, with your near-weekly update on what happened in FiveM.

Progress and updates

  • None whatsoever. That is, until someone started to push some stuff on Wednesday. Therefore, we’ll mention that.

  • Progress on the OneSync API race game mode example. It’s to be a port of MTA:SA’s Race game type, written in TypeScript, showcasing a few modern framework features.

  • Improved the OneSync API with a few more game state dissectors and more native setters.

  • Implemented a SET_ENTITY_ROTATION_VELOCITY native.

  • Re-enabled Linux builds for a release cycle. These will probably still suffer from some V8 issues, avoid as usual if you’re using V8 resources.

  • Fix builds on some GitHub CI providers, now PRs will not fail verification automatically.

  • WIP internal updates on making Mono reproducible and perhaps able to be open-sourced and updated in the future.

  • Fix a bug introduced in canary that would break pointer return values in some cases.

  • Updates to the default chat resource in server-data to not show the chat when not needed, and supporting theming, including the chat-theme-gtao example theme.

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