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FiveM update - March 27th, 2018

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@lawrencium wrote:

Another update has been released. Yay!

Summarized changelog

  • Increase the limit of drawable dictionaries (.#dd files) to allow more than 65536 drawable dictionaries. This should give you :statue_of_liberty:. on the LC server
  • Fix a performance regression in StreamingPreparation. Someone broke it. Now it’s not. :bar_chart:
  • Officially support FiveM singleplayer, for when you’ve had enough of other people. :person_climbing:
    • It should have a shortcut next to your FiveM.exe. Launch it and play the GTA V campaign with your FiveM mods, addons and the core system improvements! :open_mouth:
  • Fix Discord rich presence not working if not running Steam. Now it’s not poor anymore! :moneybag:
  • Singleplayer gets a fancy new icon. :camera_flash:
  • Window titles are branded now, like cattle. :cow2:
  • Some C# APIs that were broken work. :musical_note:
  • The server detail page now shows Steam avatars for steamy players. :person_in_steamy_room:
  • There were some bug fixes for runtime resource reloading, mainly for racist servers. :checkered_flag:
  • … and some fixes we forgot about from the last intermediate update. :chopsticks:

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