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This week in FiveM: August 15, 2018

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@system wrote:

As promised in the SotS post that is by now almost a week old, we’re going to provide weekly project progress reports, even if there’s nothing to report.

Now, for this week’s episode of This week in FiveM!


None. Well, actually, that’s a lie.

  • We’ve shipped a game update to 1365, finalizing the feature/update-to-1365 branch. This came with a total of two common regressions, both of which deduced to bad server content that has since been blocked.
    • Now, the vehicles from the ‘San Andreas Super Sport Series’ update are part of the base game.
    • This also comes with changes of strStreamingModule to support 32-bit asset counts.
    • After Hours is coming sometime after R* releases the next update.
  • We fixed a number of bugs, among which:
    • Sudden deletion of vehicles induced since the great script handler migration a few weeks ago, but which might have existed for longer. We aren’t sure if this made it out of canary yet, though.
    • Crashes caused by the resource monitor misusing Mono APIs.
    • Reduce incidence of some kind of deadlock that happened on the LC server.
  • No work was done on OneSync as the server boxes are still in cold storage. It’s hard to do development without testing, you see?
    • An element has been working on their own private OneSync experiments a bit, and provided some useful insights that may help when development resumes.
  • There’s allegedly progress on the documentation, that will be published after peer review.
    • More things will be formally documented!
  • The Discord guild got a (testing) bot that reads crash IDs and/or crash hashes and shows related Sentry crash data.
    • It looks like this: image
    • It also greets new people posting in #support. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • A lot of internal shitposting happened in the element chat.
    • No, you’re not going to get access.
    • Really.
    • No, stop looking at us that way.
  • There’s 2 persistent players on a super secret internal FiveM build that only exists for fun.
    • You’re also excluded from that fun, unless you’re a community regular that knows of it.
    • We’re not going to tell you what that fun entails.
  • We didn’t break the peak player count again.
    • We came close, though!
  • A resource monitor was implemented, as a stepping stone to a future full-scale debugging experience.
    • resmon 1 in the console.
    • You can resize it with the thing on the bottom right.
    • Yes, your resources do use memory.
  • An external community member has been looking at game input.
    • No real results as of yet.
  • We posted this post.
    • Amazing, right?

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