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This week in FiveM: August 22, 2018

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@system wrote:

And it’s time for yet another weekly status update. This one’ll be a bit shorter and more brief.


  • The documentation reorganization continued, and a few new articles were written. Go guys!
  • The server build boxes are back and a few new server builds were built. It’s not known if they work, so tread with caution. They include a few bug fixes that were also in the client. Yaay, bugs.
    • This means that OneSync development can probably continue soon. Expect more #hate tests, you darn haters!
  • There were more bug fixes:
    • Close connections when a deferred connection gets canceled by the user. This was requested, it seems.
    • Fix parsing of UTF-8 character sequences in CoreConsole argument parsing. As a consequence, RegisterCommand can now handle UTF-8 sequences like everyone’s beloved :eggplant: in args as well, not just rawCommand.
    • Set thread names on Linux for debugging.
    • Increase fwMapTypesStore because someone hid a Max Payne 3 map in the LC server apparently. We’re not sure why, but this happened.
    • Fix Node.js calls from a Citizen callback context not being invoked until another Node.js callback. This was contributed by @blcd, and should finally allow using of Node.js network libraries on the server. Just sayin’.
    • While @blcd was at it, he also fixed some other edge case in the JS runtime. See, open source is better.
    • Some entity deletion bug fix got pushed to production. It technically doesn’t count as it’s from last week but people should finally not have randomly disappearing entities anymore from right under their butts.
    • Some fixes with download progress indicators that should speed up initial resource downloads.
  • Some development happened on integration of proper script development tools. Not remotely close to done or publishable. A shame, kinda. :frowning:
  • We had some downtime, it got fixed, good old cases of ‘configuration breaks under load, and you have to change it to get everything working again’.
  • There was meant to be some statement here about a common misconception about the FiveM networking model, but it disappeared. :hamburger:

All in all, a boring week.

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