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This week in FiveM: August 29th, 2018

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@lawrencium wrote:

Just like last week, we’re getting reminded that this needs to be posted a bit too late, so it’s time for another rushed weekly status update.

Progress and events

Some progress was made.

  • Another semi-internal OneSync test was held, both testing fidelity/bug fixes as well as a second load test. The system held up well up to 63 players (dying right at 64 :stuck_out_tongue: ), though AI doesn’t seem to work properly yet as evidenced by a later test showing at least 8 points of required improvement/fixing.
  • We merged a pull request by @Firecul to cfx-server-data that makes the chat size itself relatively on different resolutions.
  • Apparently Linux server builds were broken, they should work again thanks to a PR by @Hellslicer but weren’t re-enabled yet to actually try.
  • A bug was fixed by @blcd. Good job on the PRs, everyone!
  • A number of changes were made on canary for now, unrelated to OneSync work:
  • Apparently, more commits were made to the internal cfx/fivem-docs repo, but whoever was working on them hasn’t been updating the repository with their last changes. :angry:
  • We’ve got a new element account on Discord. Yay!
  • A lot of new todo list entries got added. Most of them are insanely vague, though it’d be quite nice if we actually had a publicly readable todo list for this kind of stuff.
    • This idea literally got thought up while we were writing this, it’s been added to the internal private todo list.
  • Not much else happened, or some things were forgotten. It’s sorta hard to remember without noting ‘oh this should be put in the weekly status update’ at every single minor event.

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