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Web administration and Nucleus

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@gallium wrote:

As some of you may have already noticed, the latest Windows server builds include mentions of the Nucleus project upon launching your server, somewhat similar to this:


This URL is, generally, a TLS-using :lock: reverse proxy to your server’s IP/port, based on your unique license key.

This system will be used for a lot of cool features in the future, including completely reworking the way you set up servers to be a lot simpler and easy to do, but at this time, the main thing you get is a web administration panel (oh, and you can use the host name to connect to your server!).


If you click the “Login” button on the top right, you get a few more features:

Login types


(to enable Steam/FiveM authentication, you’ll have to grant ACEs to users - built-in ACE management and a list of all ACEs will come soon! the key owner FiveM account will usually have access already)

Kick button


IP display


Resource management


(this’ll be a lot cooler once FXPorts ships!)

Live server console output


(no input in the current version, hopefully coming soon!)

A logout menu


Quite important.


We’re intending to add a few interesting features, such as:

  • Initial server provisioning.
  • Watchdog support.
  • Event/hook integration to allow resources to add features to the admin panel.
  • Client console/error reporting to servers.
  • Some sort of persistent metrics?
  • Configuration editor.
  • ACL permission editor with persistence!
  • Support for easily discovering all servers you have access to manage. (switch between server panels with a single click)
  • Perhaps lots more. :man_shrugging:
  • Your suggestions and PRs!

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