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Announcing Boost4Boost - Server BOOST™ for Nitro Boosting FiveM on Discord

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@cuprum wrote:

You might have heard of the FiveM Server BOOST™ feature, which allows you to make your favorite server go all the way up to the top of the FiveM in-game server list.

Normally, you’d only get the ability to BOOST™ a server on FiveM with a Patreon Element Club subscription.

However, we’re offering a new option as of now: everyone Nitro Boosting FiveM on Discord gets a free additional 10 BOOST™ strength, even if you already have an Element Club subscription!

How to apply your BOOST™ to your favorite server? Simple:

  1. Make sure FiveM can find your Discord identity. Usually, this happens automatically when you launch the desktop app for Discord before FiveM.
  2. Nitro Boost FiveM on Discord.
  3. Start FiveM!
  4. Log in to a FiveM account (if you haven’t yet). You can do so in the settings:
  5. Go to the server list, find your favorite server, put your mouse over it, and click the tiny little chevron upvote icon:
  6. If all is right, your BOOST™ will be applied!~

Your BOOST™ power upgrade will remain for as long as you’re Nitro Boosting the FiveM server on Discord.

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