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FiveM production update - July 5th, 2019

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@gallium wrote:

Another production push was made this morning.


  • Fuel tank leaking thanks to @Disquse.
  • Finally, fixed some common OneSync gameplay crash (mockingbird-two-purple?)
  • Minor bug fixes for small issues people experienced.
  • Make the server list a little faster, a lot even for cases where the websocket doesn’t connect.
  • Hopefully fix some edge case scenarios for Citizen.Await.

Git shortlog

francium (11):

  • [fd04e57f] cloning: apply a pending clone sync before changing ownership of a migrating object
  • [552d0824] server: make force_enet_disconnect take a netID, not a peerID
  • [6802db81] cloning: different check for ‘our object’
  • [0b391561] cloning: another check for ‘our object’
  • [a60a53bf] resources/client: also repair/remove LevelDB for IO errors (renaming failed, missing files)
  • [a18fabe3] cloning: don’t update event manager when pool isn’t existent
  • [b9075c07] loading-screens: draw black below loading screens
  • [ade4b2bc] glue: reset netlib warning on network death
  • [39c75bbf] scripting/lua: scheduler fixes for undefined behavior
  • [16f7504b] ci: change alpine linux url
  • [e5ea0403] cfx-ui: server list performance improvements

リーフストーム (3):

  • [eff4de76] Merge pull request #250 from Tungstenium/scheduler-rework
  • [14548ad1] Merge pull request #248 from Disquse/fuel-leaking-patch
  • [61dec4fe] Merge pull request #244 from shpottie/patch-1

Disquse (1):

  • [024707f0] gta: patch fuel tank leaking in netgames

Tungstenium (1):

  • [f5e77099] scripting/lua: Rework handling of coroutines and promises Hopefully this can serve as an alternative to #157

shpottie (1):

  • [291069f6] Add weapon hashes up to Arena Wars DLC

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