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FiveM Gametype Contest (+ prizes!)

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@lutetium wrote:

Gametype Contest

FiveM has been growing consistently over the past timespan, however there’s pretty much a monoculture of servers, with not much variety existing in different play styles. While we understand that people might love the current play styles, FiveM is capable of a lot more.

Therefore, we’re going to try a different incentive to get to show the other side of FiveM: a contest to create the best playable game types for the framework.

What do we want?

Here’s a set of must-haves for your submission:

  • A unique game mode that runs on a standalone FXServer installation (i.e. no dependencies, please!).
  • Can be written in any supported FiveM scripting language (Lua, JavaScript, C#) or a language that compiles to one of the aforementioned languages.
  • Must be open source.

Here’s a set of nice-to-haves:

  • Supports mapmanager game type/map system. If you’re stuck understanding getMapDirectives, please reach out to a developer so we can help you get going, or we’ll provide an example.
  • Makes use of unique functionality of FiveM, such as CFX natives or AI support.

And a set of don’t-haves:

  • The mode must not be roleplay-related.
  • Anything that has seen a release in the past is disqualified. We want unique, new submissions.

How to participate

  1. Write and play-test your gametype
    Use the tools at your disposal and your creativity to make a standalone, awesome gamemode for FiveM.

  2. Push it to a GitHub repository
    Your submission should be submitted to a permissively-licensed GitHub repository.

  3. Set up a public demonstration server
    Set up a public server to play-test your mode. If you don’t have any hosting space to use for it, contact us - we’ll be happy to help out. :slight_smile:

  4. Submit it!
    Once your submission is completed and you feel it’s worth it, send an email to [email protected] with a link to the GitHub repository, a mention of the server address, and a subject title mentioning something like “Gametype Contest Submission: [your forum username]”.

    We’ll only allow a single submission per user, however it’s doubtful you’ll have time to create more than one. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll grant real prizes to the top 3 submissions, as judged by the FiveM team and external contributors:

:1st_place_medal: $600
:2nd_place_medal: $400
:3rd_place_medal: $300

Prize money will likely be paid out using some sort of cryptocurrency, possibly we’ll be able to arrange for other methods as well (most likely PayPal through a trusted community intermediary, if at all), please make sure you’ll be able to receive the money if you’re actually intending to win :slight_smile: We’ll be happy to help, of course!

Again, this is solely prize money, not to be seen as a payment for your resource - you’re making a resource because you like making resources, not because you’re ‘likely to get paid’. If anyone wonders about the ToS, this’ll be reviewed at some point in the future, however it should not be a matter of concern.

If you’ve made the resource as a team, you’ll have to designate a single responsible person for dividing prize money (if at all), we’ll not intervene in any matters related to this.

Don’t let this be a mistake.


Currently, the deadline is set at December 31, 2018 9:00 PM - if we don’t get enough submissions by then, we’ll possibly extend the deadline.


No copyright grant is assumed for winners, we may however include the winning resources as an official example resource. Please make sure it is permissively licensed (MIT/BSD/similar), though.

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