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Kanda Sorata

release [RELEASE] - Système de météo par zones

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Kanda Sorata

Nom de la ressource : FiveM-DinoWeather
Auteur de la ressource : https://forum.fivem.net/u/Slavko
Lien de téléchargement de la ressource : https://github.com/itsJarrett/FiveM-DinoWeather/archive/master.zip
Description de la ressource :


FiveM-DinoWeather gives aggregated areas of the GTA 5 Map their own dynamic (dinomic ;)) weather systems.


This is a very simple plug and play system. Weather will correspond with the seasons of the year by default, and I have corresponded certain weather types for these seasons. (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). Weather Systems will randomize every hour (configurable).

If you wish to make configuration changes for the different types of weather in the certain groupings on the map, the table layout is specified inside the sh_config.lua.

By default, all of the aggregations are given the same different types of weather that is available to them before randomization. You can change this to however you’d like. Example, getting rid of the snow weather option at the beach because it never snows at the beach.


The following is a table of the aggregations:


Group Name Zone Names
South Los Santos Terminal, Elysian Island, LS Intl, Banning, La Puerta, Chamberlain Hills, Davis, Rancho, Strawberry, Cypress Flats, San Andreas
Central Los Santos Murrieta Heights, La Mesa, Mission Row, Legion Square, Textile City, Pillbox Hill, Little Seoul
North Los Santos Mirror Park, East Vinewood, Vinewood Downtown, Alta, Hawick, Burton, Rockford Hill, Richards Majestic, Del Perro, Morningwood, Richman, GWC And Golfing, West Vinewood, Downtown Vinewood, Vinewood Racetrack, Land Act Dam, Land Act Res
Los Santos Beaches Vespucci Beach, Vespucci, Vespucci Canals, Del Perro Beach, Pacific Bluffs
Eastern Valley El Burro Heights, Palomino Highlands, Noose, Tataviam Mountains
Costal Beaches Banham Canyon, Banham Canyon Dr, Chumash, Tongva Hills
North Los Santos Hills Vinewood Hills, Great Chaparral, Richman Glen, Tongva Valley
Grand Senora Desert Palmer Taylor, Ron Wind Farm, Redwood Lights, Bolingbroke, Harmony, Grand Senora Desert, Sandy Shores, Davis Quartz, Humane Labs, San Chianski, Grapeseed, Alamo Sea, Stab City, Calafia
Northern Moutains Mount Gordo, El Gordo Lighthouse, Braddock Pass, Braddock Tunnel, Mount Chiliad, Galilee
Zancudo Lago Zancudo, Fort Zancudo, North Chumash, Raton Canyon, Cassidy Creek, Mount Josiah
Paleto Chiliad Mountain Wilderness, Paleto Cove, Pacific Ocean, Paleto Forest, Paleto Bay, Procopio Beach

Screenshots :



Lien original: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-dinoweather-dynamic-weather-for-all-areas-of-the-map-smooth-transitions/244982

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