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Kanda Sorata

release [RELEASE] - Essentialmode

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Kanda Sorata

Nom de la ressource : essentialmode


Auteur de la ressource : https://forum.fivem.net/u/kanersps


Lien de téléchargement de la ressource : https://github.com/kanersps/essentialmode/releases/latest


Langage de la ressource (Lua/c#/js/etc...):


Description de la ressource :


EssentiaMode is a base resource which has money and permissions built in. EssentialMode itself will not do anything of use. This can be used to easily create resources that have to communicate with each other. This package also contains one addon called: “es_admin”, which adds admin commands to your server.


Installation: https://docs.essentialmode.com/#installation

Documentation: https://docs.essentialmode.com/


How to use MySQL.

  • Download esplugin_mysql 2.2k
  • Make sure you have MySQL-Async installed and working
  • Import the SQL file that comes with esplugin_mysql
  • Set this convar in your server configuration: set es_enableCustomData 1
  • Make sure that your load order is correct, make sure essentialmode starts before esplugin_mysql and MySQL-Async starts before essentialmode
  • Start the server
  • Stop whining at @Kanersps about fucking MySQL kthx

On how to implement your own data saving take a look at esplugin_mysql


Default user groups (If using “es_admin” you can set a player group in rcon with: “setgroup userid groupname”

-- First parameter is group name, second is inheritance

-- User group, lowest possible.
user = Group("user", "")

-- Admin, is allowed to run administrative functions
admin = Group("admin", "user")

-- Superadmin, can run any command, bypasses command levels
superadmin = Group("superadmin", "admin")

Screenshots :


Lien original : https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-essentialmode-base/3665

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