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This month in FiveM: November 26th, 2018

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@astatine wrote:

It’s time for yet another twice-as-delayed status update. We’ll try to recollect this to the best of our capacities.


  • Publish the new native reference.
  • Handle an accidental breakage on Win7. It’s that old and I’m that tired that I wrote ‘WinXP’ instead.
  • Add FiveM account login to the client. This’ll be used for future cool features.
  • No progress on moving cloud services.
  • Some progress on OneSync, mainly fixing migration bugs and another tiny bug.
  • Redesign main UI home page to actually be a bit neater.
  • Some anticheat changes.
  • A number of bug fixes.
  • Streaming memory viewer tool.
  • Lots of stuff that was forgotten, probably. Check GH by hand because status updates suck.

Discord lockdown

This’ll be lifted someday once we make a tool to link your forum account and have some kind of filter to prevent ‘low quality’ users from participating.

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