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FiveM update - September 14th, 2017

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@lithium wrote:

A new update to FiveM has been released to the client production channel. :mascot:

Summarized changelog

  • Fix typo in error dialog (FiveMError -> FiveM Error) :blush:
  • Hopefully fix Windows mouse input option in GTA V making mouse unusable in CitizenFX UI :mouse:
  • Fix fullscreen bugs.
    • Fixed the game not launching in fullscreen mode even despite being configured to do so (Win10+, Win7/8.1 may still have this issue)
    • Fixed NUI not rendering anymore after Alt-Enter. This also undid a recent performance tweak due to a Chromium bug.
  • Show better error messages instead of ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT. :boom:
  • Fix mouse dragging/double clicking in NUI. :computer_mouse:
  • Hide loading screens when a game error occurs, so you won’t be stuck on loading screens when it errors out. :sunny:
  • Support embedded portable PDBs for .NET resources. Easier debugging, yay! :potato:

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